Through this immersive program, we expose our students to the sounds and basic vocabulary and expressions of the 西班牙语 language. Exposure at an early age helps students develop an understanding of the sounds and structures of a language they may not speak at home. Thematic units are used to teach 西班牙语. Each unit includes vocabulary and expressions that the students put into practice through songs, 互动游戏, hands-on activities, direct instruction and simulated real-life situations.

Students have many opportunities to develop oral presentation skills using the 西班牙语 language.  Below are examples of different class projects, which are completed in small groups and then presented in 西班牙语 to the whole class:

  • Write a weather report skit
  • 设计房子, name its main rooms and objects inside each room, and write sentences describing the home
  • Act out an airport scene; purchase airplane tickets, check in luggage at the airport, interact with flight attendants and security personnel
  • Develop a restaurant menu; write paragraphs about specific foods
  • Research salsa recipes; create and prepare a new salsa recipe

Our 西班牙语 curriculum grows with the students and the lessons are adjusted to the students’ levels so they continue to be challenged. Students develop an appreciation of a foreign language, as well as new knowledge and skills that will serve them in the future.