Our preschool programs focus on the whole child.  We provide opportunities to build social, 情感, and academic readiness for kindergarten and beyond.  活动是动手的, age-appropriate and differentiated to meet the diverse needs of young learners. Students learn shapes, patterns, numbers, letters, sounds, beginning reading skills and much more.

About 正规的电竞竞猜软件 学前教育:

  • Full-day programs with before- and after-school care available
  • Smaller class sizes offer more individualized attention
  • Loving, experienced, qualified teaching team in each classroom
  • Strong academic foundation with emphasis on hands-on learning to foster a love of learning
  • Emotional Intelligence curriculum integrated for the entire school
  • Strong parent involvement and sense of community
  • Professional 艺术与音乐 instruction for all preschool students
  • 西班牙语 language instruction
  • Easy transition to our accelerated kindergarten

Our curriculum is thematic and developmental.  BBS teachers work with students to develop early skills that help children learn more complex skills integrating reading, 写作, 数学, 科学, 艺术与音乐. Our preschool uses the same hand写作 program taught in grades K through 3, which provides consistency as children learn to write.

The KinderBridge teachers utilize fun themes, which include:

  • 回到学校
  • 可以买LOL电竞比赛的app我的一切
  • 健康的身体
  • 运输
  • 童话与英雄
  • 南瓜,秋天和农场
  • 传统
  • 恐龙
  • 宠物
  • 动物园的动物
  • 苏斯
  • 空间
  • Earth, Spring and Living Things
  • 海洋
The goal of the 正规的电竞竞猜软件 学前教育 is to provide a hands on learning environment that allows all children to succeed academically while developing a love of learning. The preschool is located on the campus of the BBS 小学. This gives preschool students exposure to, 以及熟悉, 小学, making for an easier transition to kindergarten. There is a separate fenced yard for preschool outdoor play. 学前教育 classes are paired with “buddy” classes from older grades to foster relationships and positive role modeling for preschool students.